“Sweet Caroline” – Meet Dr. Friedman

Meet Dr. Caroline Friedman! In this episode, Dr. Friedman and Dr. Fox discuss her experience moving from Cornell Medical Center to Mount Sinai and what she has learned along the way. They also discuss performing obstetrics vs. gynecological care and Dr. Friedman’s fitness interests.

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Dr. Caroline Friedman is a board-certified OB/GYN practicing with Maternal Fetal Medicine Associates and at Mount Sinai Hospital in New York City. She holds a Bachelor of Science degree from Duke University, and attended medical school at the University of Virginia. Then, Dr. Friedman finished residency training at New York Presbyterian Hospital/Weill Cornell Medical Center in New York. She joined Maternal Fetal Medicine Associates after completing residency.  

Dr. Friedman and Dr. Fox discuss the differences they’ve seen between working at Cornell Medical Center and Mount Sinai. Dr. Friedman says that at Mount Sinai, she has “the freedom to practice as I see fit,” which she feels confident in doing because of her training, but notes that she also benefits from being surrounded by doctors with experience and knowledge who she can learn from. She explains that the two hospitals are “ultimately not too different,” but that Mount Sinai is larger and has increased coordination between groups because the pace is quicker and there are more patients overall. Dr. Fox agrees that “things are done with a different flavor at each place,” and explains that each hospital has different protocols and habits, which allows staff to learn from each other if they begin working in a new setting.  

Dr. Friedman explains that she currently practices about 80% obstetrics and 20% gynecology. She and Dr. Fox agree that being able to do both is important, as it allows them to stay with their patients beyond their pregnancy. This allows doctors to build lasting and trusting relationships with their patients.  

Finally, Dr. Friedman and Dr. Fox discuss fitness. Dr. Friedman says that she enjoys taking yoga and barre classes and running. She has a special interest in wellness, and believes that a comprehensive approach to health is important in treating patients.