This Week: November 25, 2021

Brooke tells her High Risk Birth Story of receiving a confined placental mosaicism diagnosis in her second pregnancy. Brooke explains that an early NIPT showed markers for trisomy 13, but an ultrasound didn’t show any signs of abnormality. Further testing and genetic counseling later showed confined placental mosaicism, or an abnormal number of chromosomes in the placenta while her baby had no genetic abnormalities.

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High Risk Birth Stories is a special series from Healthful Woman where women share their own stories about their fertility, pregnancies, and births.

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"Without having listened to your episode on postpartum hemorrhage, I imagine it would have been even scarier. I felt like I was able to be involved in the decisions being made about my care, as opposed to things just being done to me."

“Hello, I wanted to send a note letting you know how much I have appreciated your podcast throughout my pregnancy. In fact, your recent episode on postpartum hemorrhage was very useful.  It gave me the information I needed to make informed decisions and understand what was happening with my care and why.  I delivered my son about a week ago one 5/26 and unfortunately had a postpartum hemorrhage.  My midwife and doctor attribute it to parts of my placenta being retained.  They tried about 5 medications to control the bleeding (most of which were ones you referenced on the podcast so I was familiar with them) but that wasn’t enough so they manually tried to scoop out the retained tissue, but even after that ultrasound still showed a small piece being retained so I had to go for a D&C.  It was a scary time but thankful they were proactive in managing it and I didn’t have to go back in later with infection or continued heavy bleeding.  Everything has been good since the d&c with minimal bleeding.

Without having listened to your episode on postpartum hemorrhage,  I imagine it would have been even scarier.  I felt like I was able to be involved in the decisions being made about my care, as opposed to things just being done to me.  I attribute this to a great care team, but also the information I learned from your podcast.”

-Elise N.

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