“You Are What You Eat!” – Meet Dietitian Casey Seiden

Casey Seiden, MS RD DCES, is a registered dietitian and diabetes care & education specialist with Maternal Fetal Medicine Associates in New York City. In this episode, she and Dr. Fox discuss managing diabetes for their patients, how Casey became a registered dietitian, and clearing up confusion about nutrition.  

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Meet Casey Seiden, MS RD DCES, a registered dietitian and diabetes care & education specialist who works with Maternal Fetal Medicine Associates in New York City. As a dietitian, Casey’s job is to guide people with their diet and nutrition choices to make an overall positive impact on their health. This includes addressing weight-related problems, hormonal imbalances, PCOS, gestational diabetes, and more for Maternal Fetal Medicine’s patients.  

In this episode, Casey discusses the path that lead her to this career, which started with a general interest in science. She studied Nutrition and Food Science in her undergraduate program, and after graduating found that in order to begin working in the careers she was most interested in and to guide people with “diet therapy,” she should become a registered dietitian. This lead her to a master’s program before a dietetic internship, which includes clinical exposure and work in community nutrition.  

Casey says that in her work with diabetic patients, she enjoys figuring out the “puzzles” of a patient’s glucose logs and developing treatment plans to help them manage their diabetes. She also helps patients in general clear up confusion about nutrition, and offers simple recipes and lifestyle advice to help them be their healthiest. She has also written a cookbook and offers nutrition advice through her blog and on Instagram at @eat.well.together