“SLam Dunk!” – Meet Dr. Stephanie Lam

Dr. Fox introduces Dr. Stephanie Lam, an OB-GYN who works with Maternal Fetal Medicine Associates out of Carnegie Women’s Health. In this episode, Dr. Lam discusses her path from volunteering as a Candy Striper to medical school and beyond, why being a “people person” is important in her role, and creating a memorable and comfortable experience for first-time patients.

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Dr. Stephanie Lam explains that experiences from her teenage years have informed the way she approaches practicing as an OB/GYN with Carnegie Women’s Health in New York City. In high school, Dr. Lam volunteered as a candy striper at North Shore Hospital’s pediatric ward in Long Island, which sparked her initial interest in working in health care. Her mother, a stay-at-home mom, continued to push her to pursue her dream of becoming a doctor, trusting that her daughter would be able to balance a career as a physician with being a wife and mother. During medical school, Dr. Lam was quickly fascinated in women’s health, noting that the specialty “was so interesting, it was what I loved to read about.” She also remembers her own first gynecology appointment as a patient as an uncomfortable and awkward experience, which leads her to an ongoing dedication to creating a relaxed environment for all of her patients today. Dr. Lam is known among her peers as a kind physician and person overall, and she explains that she values being a patient and empathetic presence for her patients. She describes getting to know her patients through their conversations during appointments as “putting together the puzzle” of their lives and personalities combined with their healthcare needs. Dr. Lam’s strong people skills in combination with her medical expertise are what makes her an effective, trustworthy, and patient-focused OB/GYN.  

Dr. Stephanie Lam is a Board Certified OB/GYN practicing with Carnegie Women’s Health in New York City. She completed medical school at New York College of Osteopathic Medicine and a residency at Beth Israel Medical Center. Before joining Carnegie Women’s Health, Dr. Lam was a full-time faculty member at the Mount Sinai Beth Israel Medical Center and received numerous medical school teaching awards during her academic tenure. In her practice, Dr. Lam is particularly interested in menopausal care as well as minimally invasive gynecologic surgical techniques