“Influencers and Wellness” – with Fortune Dushey

Fortune Dushey, a blogger and influencer, discusses her role in inspiring others in health and wellness. In this episode, she talks about being honest with followers, the subjects she blogs about, life as an influencer, and more.

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Dr. Fox: Welcome to today’s episode of “Healthful Woman,” a podcast designed to explore topics in women’s health at all stages of life. I am your host, Doctor Nathan Fox, an OBGYN and maternal fetal medicine specialist practicing in New York City. At “Healthful Woman” I speak with leaders in the field to help you learn more about women’s health, pregnancy and wellness. 


All right, Fortune Dushey, influencer. How are you? Welcome to the podcast. Thank you for coming in. I appreciate it. 


Fortune: Thank you for having me. This is my very first podcast so I’m super excited to be here and to be here with you. 


Dr. Fox: Oh, that’s so amazing. So yeah. So we got connected, I guess, through my wife, through Michal. She knows you and follows you and said, “Oh, you should talk to Fortune, you should talk to Fortune.” So… 


Fortune: Michal’s a superstar in my eyes so I am so happy that she connected us. 


Dr. Fox: I agree. Excellent. So just who are you? Just a, you know, brief story of where you came from, where you are and sort of what you’re doing. 


Fortune: My name is Fortune Dushey, born and raised in New Jersey by the shore. I’m not sure if that’s a good thing or a bad thing but that’s my home town. I went to NYU. I majored in speech communications, got married right after, have three children. Almost 16, almost 19 and 22. I started…when I got married, I started working for a magazine. It was called Mode. It was a fashion beyond size or something like that. It was like for women for a size 12 and over. So I did that for a few years, got pregnant and then when I was raising my children, I kind of just took different classes. Handbag design, journalism classes, even got my bartending license. 


Dr. Fox: Cool. 


Fortune: And then when my kids were all in school, I was really interested in designing my own handbags but I really wasn’t sure so I actually hired a life coach. I decided to intern for Carlos Fauci at the time. They ended up hiring me. And then I started kind of writing up a business plan and I realized that it was just a huge commitment because even though my kids were in school full-time, I just felt like I couldn’t give it my all. And so at the time, a friend of mine suggested that I start personal shopping. So that kind of became a business just through word of mouth and me putting myself out there. And then at the time my life coach who I was still working with had suggested I start a blog. And I always say…people say, you know, “Why did you start? How did you start?” And I said, “It just takes one person to believe in you, to think that you can do it.” And she just felt like, you know…she’s like, “Fortune, you have great style, you’re funny. You know, I think it’ll be a great platform for you to express yourself.” 


In the beginning, I was still styling and I kind of had this blog that I was doing on the side but the more I did it, the more time I was putting into it and then I started to invest money whether that was like with photography or just even having somebody proofread my posts, you know. So at some point, I had to make a decision which way I wanted to go and I just felt so passionate about the blog, about sharing things that I’m inspired by, things that I love, things that I think would, you know, just help my followers whether it was wellness or travel tips or, you know, what the best denim jacket is to buy. So I kind of decided to go full throttle with that about three years ago and I’m really happy with it. 


Dr. Fox: Where were you blogging originally? Like in what platform? What medium were you using for your blog? Was it just on a website? 


Fortune: It was both website and Instagram. Those were and still are my main channels for posting. 


Dr. Fox: Right, and so when you got on Instagram, I guess you got in on the early side in terms of, you know, posting, blogging, influencing. 


Fortune: Depends who you ask. 


Dr. Fox: It depends who I ask. I’m asking you. You tell me. 


Fortune: Some people will say it was a few years before I entered but I think there is always space. I mean, even for people today that…you know, people will tell me, “Well, there’s so many, you know, bloggers out there.” And, you know, what I’ve been told and what I tell people is that there’s space for everyone. It’s like having, you know, an idea for a new fashion brand, you know. Everybody is always interested in seeing the new best thing, or [inaudible 00:04:12] different angle, different niche and I just think there is room for everyone. 


Dr. Fox: Right. And then when did your listeners or followers…when did that start to really grow and to pick up in numbers? Was that right away or did it take some time? 


Fortune: God, it was definitely a slow process. Because I wasn’t doing it full-time and I wasn’t…that wasn’t my main focus. I think it was gradual. It took like five years maybe. Four or five years. I mean, I just this past spring hit 10,000 so it’s been a slow and steady process and I’m okay with it because I feel like my following is loyal and they were real and it’s solid. 


Dr. Fox: I think the term that everyone uses is this idea of an influencer. 


Fortune: Right. 


Dr. Fox: And that’s a new term. That’s come about recently. Can you explain what exactly does that even mean? Like who gets labeled an influencer? 


Fortune: People that have a certain following, I guess. People that have a following that actually listen and care and follow their advice. I mean, anybody can call themselves an influencer. I don’t really…I guess I don’t think of myself as an influencer but I guess if you’re putting things out there and people are really taking your advice and giving you feedback which I do get, I mean, I guess so. 


Dr. Fox: I mean, the reason I wanted to talk to you for this podcast…obviously, you’re just interesting so it’s great to talk but the way I think it’s related to the idea of what we’re doing here is you’re influencing, you’re posting, your blogs has become more than just products. It’s more than just what denim jacket, you know, should you get. It’s really…it touches on a lot of bigger life topics. You know, we were discussing this before and I was reading ideas of, you know…about hope, about gratitude, about giving and then there’s also about health and mental health and all of these things that I view as part of, you know, health and healthful and wellness, and it’s just fascinating that you have this position where you have such literally influence on people and on their wellness and their overall health. And I just think it’s a fascinating topic because this didn’t exist before really. 


Fortune: I guess my main reason for sharing any of it, my inspiration is really because I never want people to feel that they’re alone. Think when you’re putting yourself out there. You know, you’re kind of putting out a certain lifestyle, right. I mean, you’re not showing your life 24/7. You’re showing, you know, the outfit that you bought or the trip that you just took and I think that sometimes people get the sense that there is like this perfect life that’s happening. And so I kind of wanna kind of show that it’s…that’s not reality. You know, just because I’m showing you certain things, that doesn’t mean that certain things aren’t going on. And so it’s like I don’t want anybody to feel alone, I don’t want anyone to feel that I am not experiencing heartache, that I’m not experiencing sadness, that I didn’t have a fight with my husband before I just, you know, wrote…I don’t know. Like what I had for breakfast or this was so yummy. So that’s really my main reason because I think that sometimes we can feel alone. And I also think when I’m feeling gratitude, you know, I wanna share those tips of, you know, how I got to feeling grateful or certain things that work for me. So that’s really my reason. 


Dr. Fox: Yeah. It makes a lot of sense. I mean, I know that Michal would always tell a story when she was at Ramaz and she was giving this talk about parenting, right. So she has a group of people listening who are, you know, moms and dads and maybe some grandparents also and she’s talking about, you know, how to handle, you know, the childhood, the tantrum and all these things that everyone wants to know. And we’re parents. And she would do this whole thing and at the end she would say, “Oh, by the way, just so you know, on the way to school today, I told my daughter I’m gonna throw her out the window of the car.” And so don’t think that this works for everybody. Like this is hard stuff. And I do think it’s the same idea that when you’re…you know, you’re sort of putting out things that are, you know, happy and sunshine but if you only do that selectively, it gives people the false impression that you live a life that’s different from everybody else in the world and that’s not true. 


Fortune: Right. The purpose of my blog is to inspire. I mean, I’m not…I didn’t set out to be a wellness or a mental health blog when I started but I just think it’s important to kind of show real life moments and that there is no such thing as a perfect life. 


Dr. Fox: Do you have a sense of like which people follow you or how they choose to follow you specifically? Like is there a certain demographic or have you found something that unites them or is it really just random all over the place and it’s hard to figure that out? 


Fortune: I think part of it is word of mouth. As you grow, you know, there’s kind of like an algorithm and people could see who you’re liking and then they can kind of check out my feed. Also through business. Just from my analytics, I know that a big portion of my followers are from New York. It’s like New York, Miami, LA, Atlanta. But yeah, there are a few others from other countries but it’s predominantly U.S. predominantly New York, New Jersey. And actually, the demographic is interesting. It’s like anywhere from like 25 to 44 is majority but then, you know, you also have the 50s age group. Maybe 80% female, 20% male which is interesting. 


Dr. Fox: …this podcast. 


Fortune: Oh, really? 


Dr. Fox: Literally to the tee. 


Fortune: That’s so funny. 


Dr. Fox: Age, gender, location. 


Fortune: I’m at the right place. 


Dr. Fox: Apparently. And even…I didn’t even know that but it…yeah, but it’s also just sort of in terms of what they’re looking for meaning like what are they looking for when they come to you as opposed to someone else’s, you know, site. 


Fortune: So what I get…I mean, maybe…I guess people come from for different things. I think it’s for fashion but what I get a lot is that people feel like I’m real. That makes me happy. I don’t really post anything that I myself wouldn’t use or wouldn’t wear or at least wouldn’t try. So I try to keep it very authentic. I won’t really work with a brand that I don’t feel comfortable putting my face behind which sometimes could get sticky because I never wanna hurt anyone’s feelings. So it’s very tricky. I think it’s the realness maybe and my I guess sense of style that have people coming. 


Dr. Fox: And do you have a lot of interaction back and forth on Instagram? Like people leave comments and questions and you’re back and forth with them. 


Fortune: People DM me, you know, if they have questions with something that I posted or with a trip that I just took. Yeah. 


Dr. Fox: When we were growing up, the way products would advertise was essentially either they put a commercial on TV or on the radio or in a magazine or maybe a billboard, right. And that was it. And if there was a person behind it, like it was a movie star or a sports star or someone famous, you didn’t really have products where just a regular person so to speak is saying, “Hey, I like this. I believe in it.” And the interesting thing is I think that this model that we’re in now is much more effective because…I mean, honestly, like it’s cool that Michael Jordan might like something but what do I care? Right? What does he have to do with me? But if there’s someone who I know or I feel like I know and I trust and I understand, you know, who she or he is and they’re recommending it…yeah. 


Fortune: There’s more relatability. 


Dr. Fox: It means more and it is…I guess it does give you that sort of I guess responsibility of choosing which products you’re gonna back because you’re really putting your name behind it. It’s not just like you’re a celebrity saying, “Oh, get this watch.” You actually say, “I like this. I would wear this.” Yeah. 


Fortune: I liked it, I used it, yes. And if I don’t, then I will actually post that. A lovely woman just sent me collagen powder and she asked me to post it and I said, “Right now, I’m kind of like taking a lot of vitamins. I’m on a regimen. I’m not really sure I can add this. I’ll be more than happy to post it on stories for you.” And I did that because it was a friend of a friend. Otherwise, you’re kind of like nonstop posting and it’s a lot of work on my end. But, you know, I put that out there. I said, “I haven’t tried it but check this out if you’d like.” So I try to be as transparent as possible. 


Dr. Fox: Right. It’s interesting. I wanted to go into sort of the role of an influencer in that sense, that the…I guess at the core of it or maybe not the core but the base of it is it’s an…it’s like product placement or essentially it’s a business where you have a lot of people who trust you and follow you and products will say, “Hey. You know, take a look at this, whatever it is.” And you look at it, try it yourself and if you like it, you’ll place it and they pay you and if you don’t like it, you don’t place it. And that’s sort of the business model of it. Right? And then do you…have you found that that aspect has grown? You’re getting more and more requests and products are coming to you. 


Fortune: Yes. Yes, I would say so. Something else that I will do is I’ll say, “Well, send me the product. Let me try it.” 


Dr. Fox: Right. 


Fortune: I’ll post it. And then we can kinda grow organically. And so that’s another route that I take when I’m not so sure I’m really interested in working with a brand but I’m not sure that that particular product will work for me. 


Dr. Fox: Right. So you sort of test the waters. 


Fortune: Yeah. 


Dr. Fox: And then the second thing that you sort of go into…like you said, this is personal information about you and your life and a vacation you took or something that’s going on with your family. Was it hard doing this at first, sharing personal information with so many people? Like do you feel hesitant about that? 


Fortune: Every single post, every single story I think about. And it’s funny because I don’t really post my children, I don’t really post my husband and it’s definitely an internal dialogue because my private life is my private life and I think all the power to those who do kind of show everything. It was just a joint decision. But yes, I definitely think a lot about what I put out there. I don’t think I put so much out there but, you know, it depends who you ask. So yeah, I think about it a lot. 


Dr. Fox: So you have lines and you’re just like, “I’m not gonna cross this line in here. If I’m getting close to it, I have to sort of decide is there…” 


Fortune: Absolutely. I mean, I have my children to think about. I mean, I’m sure there was…I’m sure I would have a much bigger potty mouth if I didn’t have my children, you know, to think about because I don’t wanna be an embarrassment. 


Dr. Fox: Right, I’m embarrassing my children at all times. First of all, just in general. And the fact that I have a podcast that occasionally talks about like gynecology, they can’t stand me. They just, you know…they’re…this is like so humiliating for them. But I guess I just don’t care. I don’t know. 


Fortune: You know, I guess it’s also different. Listen, you can put yourself out there with the best of intentions, right. I mean, I think about that and I actually spoke with someone before and they’re like, “Fortune, as long as your intention’s are pure, right, as long as you’re not, you know, going out there like with intentions of anything else other than trying to like make a difference or bring joy, then you’re okay.” But, you know, unfortunately, in the world that we’re presently living in, the people that are watching don’t always respond to it the way that you intended it to be. So I think, you know, more than ever, I try to be mindful and respectful. 


Dr. Fox: On top of that, even not just about yourself and your personal life but just your personal motivation…like we’re talking about whether it’s a cause like, you know, a charity type of cause or something that one should do or just these ideas of, you know, characteristics. You know, for example, gratitude. And how do you decide what you’re going to write about, what you’re going to post about? Is it just sort of what you’re feeling in that time or is it…you look sort of at what’s going on in the world and you wanna make a difference. How do you make those decisions? 


Fortune: It’s both. It’s a feeling but it has to feel authentic. Kinda feel it inside of you. In terms of monthly content in general, I have certain things that I post about each month. So it’s…I try to have like at least two posts a month for fashion, for beauty, for travel, recipes, wellness and that’s kind of what I go by. But then, you know, kind of ideas come to me, you’re inspired and then…in terms of like if I’m going through some kind of emotional experience and I feel like, “Well, maybe if I post this, I can help someone.” Then I will because you want there to be some substance involved in what you’re doing. 


Dr. Fox: Have any of those ever backfired on you where you posted something and afterwards, you’re like, “Oh, I didn’t intend for it to be that way.” 


Fortune: A handful of times I’ve gotten like weird stuff. 


Dr. Fox: Right. 


Fortune: But most of the time, it’s just…I, you know, kind of ignore it because it’s just silly. 


Dr. Fox: Right. I mean, you could look at it two ways. The people who send you something that’s a little like ridiculous, they could choose to unfollow you. It’s not like…they’re not forced to hear you. 


Fortune: Exactly. 


Dr. Fox: Right. whereas someone who’s maybe very loyal and very…they feel connected to you and they may feel that they are able to communicate with you that it was something that didn’t resonate with them or something that resonated in the wrong way and sort of they feel like they do have a relationship with you that’s real. 


Fortune: Yeah, you know, listen, it sucks but sometimes it’s also an opportunity to reflect. You know, in the moment, it could hurt but then you kind of think about it. Well, is…what that person is saying, is there any truth to it? Can I, you know, do something different? I think I once posted something that was maybe a luxury item and it is a luxury blog but she said, you know, “How many people can afford that?” And I was like, “Okay. You know, let me kind of add in some more affordable items.” So, you know, I do try to listen and hear what my followers say. 


Dr. Fox: No, I think that is really important because you’re essentially doing this for them. 


Fortune: Yes. 


Dr. Fox: Right? I mean, you’re posting…some of it’s yourself. It’s, you know, it’s cathartic, it’s nice to post and it definitely, you know, is something healthy for you to do but ultimately, you’re there for your followers and if there’s something that they need and you’re not giving them then…and you can, I think that’s fantastic. Do you feel a sense of responsibility now? I mean, because here you are. You know, you’re one person and you started this initially with products and fashion and now you have thousands and thousands of people to tune into you every day. Does that… 


Fortune: Not really because there’s so many of us and I’m just one person with one opinion, you know. I’m not the end all. It’s not fact. This is just my life and things that I like and things that work for me and I think it’s really, you know, up to whoever’s following me to decide whether or not they wanna take what I’m kinda putting out there. 


Dr. Fox: I think you’re playing it down. I think you…I think it’s much more powerful than that. I think that people really get a lot from you and the choices that you make are important. And you’re making good choices. I mean, I’m not…I’m saying that in a good way but it is important. And the fact that you choose to not just, you know, talk about, you know, travel and recipes and products which is amazing and people wanna hear about that, that you’re throwing in things about life itself and people are responding to it. I mean, I read it tonight. I was drawn to it immediately. I said, “Wow, this is so…” I don’t really think about products, right. I don’t…I mean, it’s like it’s totally over my head. I know nothing about it. I mean, the travel’s fine, the recipes but I sort of skimmed through a bunch of them and I just thought that these are really important ideas that you’re bringing up. And that’s what was so fascinating to me that you chose to do that because you could’ve easily chosen not to do it. “Why would I do that? Who wants to hear that from me?” But people do. People are yearning for this type of information and this type of, I guess, relationship with somebody. And that’s what I’m sort of getting at that it’s…that here you are. You’re like, you know…you are now like this life coach for people through, again, through what you’re doing. It’s not maybe one on one. 


Fortune: You know, I guess I just don’t see myself like that. Sometimes it’s easier for people like you to see from the outside but I’m just here doing my thing. 


Dr. Fox: I see that there’s…for whatever reason, there must be this void that so many of us are…feel in the world that it’s…they’re not getting it. We’re not getting it. Whether it’s we’re not getting it in school, whether or not getting it from religion, whether we’re not getting it from what we read or from television or for our work or whatever it is. This sort of search for something deeper and more important. Because, you know, everyone flips through their phones and it’s all garbage, right. We know that. Everyone knows that, that it’s all like nonsense. But occasionally, you come upon something and they say, “Oh, this is…” Like you said, it’s real. Like this is important and people stop. And they read it. And I think that that is such a new phenomenon in our lives. We didn’t have anything like this as kids. There was nothing even remotely like this. 


Fortune: No. No. Agreed. 


Dr. Fox: You know, that you could sort of decide what you’re gonna hear about. Again, if you’re lucky enough to have it on television or some speaker came to your, you know, church or synagogue or school or whatever but here everyone has access and people can choose who they want to be inspired by. 


Fortune: I couldn’t agree more. 


Dr. Fox: Yeah, who do you follow? 


Fortune: For fashion, I follow this influencer. Her name is Pamela Tick who I just think is the coolest. And she’s…does like a lot of travel and fashion. I’m like trying to think right now who do I follow. Adi Hyman who I think is just a wonderful voice for the Jewish people. She’s also a very cool fashionista. Elizabeth Savetsky also. 


Dr. Fox: Right, right. I’m interviewing her next. Right. And Adi’s supposed to come on in like few weeks. 


Fortune: Oh, no way. 


Dr. Fox: Yeah, yeah, we’re circling dates and whatnot. 


Fortune: Well, okay. They are just like forces to be reckoned with. And so I look up to them because their voice is so powerful. And I think that they just represent the Jewish people, like I said, in such a positive way. Like they give an amazing voice to us. So like in that area, I love them and they’re also fun and witty. There’s also another influencer who I love. Her name is Michal Curtis. She’s also a fashion instagramer influencer but I love her as much for her style as I do for her witty captions. So she’s super cool. 


I actually started working…in terms of like wellness, I started working with Wellness Creative. I had seen an intentions journal on this other influencer…it’s like one thing leads to another. Her name is Haiyan Suet [SP] and I’d always wanted to kind of write an intentions journal which is like manifestation and writing your intentions and all this like positivity and kind of like how to create this life. And so I also follow them. They give great tips on all different sorts of wellbeing and spiritual kind of wellness. So who else do I follow? I feel like I follow so many people I can’t really think. 


Dr. Fox: No, that’s like…you mentioned your religion. Did your upbringing in a Jewish family have any impact on this, more so to your spirituality and your outlook on life and sort of what you’re thinking about or is it just maybe peripheral to this? 


Fortune: I definitely think that your upbringing, whether or not on a conscious or a subconscious level has something to do with kind of how I look at this but I think it’s also my own personal journey as much as my Judaism. 


Dr. Fox: Do you post directly about religion and Judaism and, you know, comment on it or… 


Fortune: I don’t do it often. Because I feel like I still need to develop my voice in that area. But I do post because I feel like, unfortunately, we’re living in a world where antisemitism is on the rise and how can I not say something. You know, it’s so sad to me to see…first of all, it’s sad to see any kind of racism, any kind of racial bias go on but, you know, I have to be a voice. Everybody is a voice to their own people and I need to be a voice for my own people. And so I have begun to put myself out there and that’s one of the reasons why I am in such awe of Elizabeth and Adi. 


Dr. Fox: Yeah, because they… 


Fortune: Because they do it so well. 


Dr. Fox: Yeah. No, I think it is important because again, these are…this is how people consume information now and when influencers like you are A, willing and B, able to post in a way that is provocative, informative, educational, inspiring and not every post has to be all of those but, you know, some of those, it’s just an important way that you change the world a little bit at a time. This is…and who would think, right, that it comes from just like…someone’s, “Oh, yeah. I’ll, you know, place some products and I’ll do this and it’s nice and it’s interesting and it’s fun.” That you really end up having such an impact. And you do. You have a huge impact. When you post about things like nutrition or exercise or, you know, mental health and idea of, you know, clearing your head space and all of these things, positivity, that really makes people live better and they have healthier, more fulfilling lives because of that just from a blog you’re gonna write. 


Fortune: It’s interesting, though, because I see that when I’m posting about positivity or when I’m posting about anxiety, it’s things that I’m working on and I think that a lot of times when you see people posting, it’s because they’re kind of going through this process. So I was just thinking about that the other day. You know, gratitude. I think when I write about gratitude, it’s because I myself am…and I’m on a journey of being more mindful about gratitude. And I am not sure if I’m 100% right with this but I think that when you see people writing about all this kinda stuff, I think they’re on their own journey as well. Like I’m not sure that everybody has it together but we’re all working towards the same goal. 


Dr. Fox: Yeah. And I think that there is this idea that the people either who are leaders or the people who we look up to or the people who we have learned about whether it’s, again, friends of ours, whether it’s political, whether it’s family members, even like biblical characters, whoever it is, they’re flawed. Right? There isn’t, you know, there isn’t this idea of the perfect person that everyone did things that were right. 


Fortune: Well, I have a funny story to tell you because when my kids were younger, I went to Michal, your wife to speak and she said, “Fortune, you don’t think your kids are perfect, do you?” And I was like, “Actually, I do.” And she was like, “Well, I hate to break it to you but they’re not.” And…but I…besides them, I think even my therapist once…she was like, “Fortune, stop trying to reach for perfection. You’re never gonna be perfect.” She’s like, “What you want in life is to feel grounded amidst the storm when there is like this unsettledness in your life, to feel grounded, to feel that peace.” And that is what I would love for myself and for everyone else. 


Dr. Fox: We’re not gonna choose perfection. It just doesn’t…in our own health, in our own mental health, in our own, you know, fulfilment and how we behave ourselves, we’re always gonna make mistakes. We’re gonna do things wrong. But this idea of thinking about being better, you know, again, thinking about and trying to improve ourselves and to improve our situation and to improve what’s going on is a part of that and even just feeling like you’re on the right journey is itself satisfying. 


Fortune: Yes. 


Dr. Fox: It gives you that sense of, you know, fulfilment and contentment like, “I’m doing the right thing or I’m trying to do the right thing at least.” As opposed to, “I’m just lost.” 


Fortune: And knowing that you can mess up in the process and that it’s okay and that’s also something that I’m learning, to be gentle with myself through this process of trying to be my best self. 


Dr. Fox: Right. Where do you see the future for what you’re doing? Do you have any, you know, expectations or plans? 


Fortune: Your guess is as good as mine because they say, you know, “Here today, gone tomorrow.” But, you know, I’m lucky because I have my sight, I have my Instagram so I’m not kind of holed into one area. And I also have another part of my business which is I host events, fashion events for brands. So that’s also a huge part of what I do. So I kind of…I’m evolving and going with it and seeing where life takes me. 


Dr. Fox: Now that your kids are getting older, do their friends follow you? 


Fortune: They do. And it makes me so happy. 


Dr. Fox: How do your kids feel about that? 


Fortune: I think as my kids have gotten older…well, I think my two older girls are kind of more okay with it. You know, I’ll tell them, “Oh, you know, your friend, I just saw her, she, you know, is following me.” And they’re okay with it but my son who’s a sophomore, sometimes he’ll see me posting something so he’s like, “You can’t do that.” And I’m like, “What?” They’re like, “Because my friends see it.” And I’m like, “So?” I can’t remember like what I was doing that he said, “Just don’t post that, mom.” 


Dr. Fox: Because they see you obviously as their friend’s mom, right, on the one hand. But also, they have a direct relationship to you through this medium and that’s an interesting dynamic. 


Fortune: I get it, you know. I was definitely, you know, embarrassed for my parents a lot. So I try to be sensitive to that but at the same time, it’s like, “You wanna put yourself out there and you, you know, just wanna have fun.” So, you know, like I said, it’s a fine balance. 


Dr. Fox: Fortune, thank you so much. I really enjoyed this. I do think what you’re doing is fascinating. I really do. It’s so interesting. And again, I have no connection to the world of fashion. I am like the antifashion. I am like, you know, horrific. 


Fortune: What do you mean? These are the coolest scrubs I’ve ever seen. 


Dr. Fox: Oh, yeah, these are…yeah, product placement. Gray scrubs, that’s really…that’s where it’s at. You know, these are the finest scrubs you’ll find. 


Fortune: Seriously. 


Dr. Fox: But I do. I just love it. And I’m just so interested by the idea of what’s going on in the world with this and how so many people turn to you and people like you and what kind of, you know, influence you have not just on what they purchase but on how they think and how they behave and how they interact with the world and I mean, all the power to you. I think it’s amazing that you do that and you take such, you know, care and you’re so thoughtful about it. I think it’s awesome. 


Fortune: Well, I hope that my followers feel as passionate as you do and I can’t thank you enough for having me. Like I said, this is my first podcast. I am super excited that I did it. 


Dr. Fox: You crushed it. You did great. 


Fortune: I was so nervous. 


Dr. Fox: You’re gonna have one of your own soon before you know it. Please have me as a guest, you know. 


Fortune: Oh, yes. My co-cost, Doctor Nathan Fox. 


Dr. Fox: That’s me, yeah. That’ll be great. But we’ll be talking about scrubs. 


Fortune: Exactly. 


Dr. Fox: Amazing. All right, well, listen. We’re gonna definitely stay in touch. Thank you so much, and I look forward to reading you and seeing about you and then seeing you in person as well. 


Fortune: Happy perm. 


Dr. Fox: Oh, to you too. 


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