“Finding Your Inner Maverick” – with Shari Teigman

In this episode, Dr. Fox talks to Shari Teigman, a “Maverick Mindset coach” and creative business strategist. Shari and Dr. Fox discuss the life changes that lead her to this new career and what sets successful “mavericks” apart.  

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Dr. Fox discusses “becoming a maverick” with his friend Shari Teigman, a “Maverick Mindset coach” and creative business strategist.  

Shari explains that a personal development journey after a divorce was what lead her to this career. She was previously a “traditional stay-at-home mom,” a life she calls “lovely, but didn’t belong to me.” After her divorce, Shari began listening to a personal development and yoga seminar to get out of her own head, which eventually lead to a year-long yoga teacher training and coach training. Shari also explains reverse-engineering the life she wanted by first determining who she was not and what she didn’t want, and then “finding the passion crumbs” by taking inventory of previous hobbies, interests, and creative outlets. She says her business is a “blend of my own growth with helping other people get where they need to be” and helps people create their “exceptional selves” and figure out a business that works for them. 

Shari and Dr. Fox also discuss yoga, a shared interest, and the body/mind connection. They explain that in yoga, they often find that “how you are on the mat is how you are off the mat,” and that pushing themselves physically can help develop the mind as well. Shari says that in this way, yoga helped her figure out where she wanted to go next. She explains that now, many of her clients are also at a sort of cross-roads in their lives. They also commonly don’t “feel” the same way as other people see them, struggle with work-life balance and have hit a level of achievement without being able to “break through” to the next level of success, feel a “dull malaise of numbness or boredom,” and want to get to know themselves better. 

Shari and Dr. Fox also discuss how focusing on strengths, rather than trying to change or fix weaknesses, is very beneficial in helping people become more successful. They explain that people can re-contextualize their weaknesses and figure out situations in which they are actually useful traits as well. Shari also explains that she urges clients to be more process-driven rather than goal-driven, because goals consistently change once they are met.